Winona, MN. Reinarts Stained Glass Studios announces the availability of the Reinarts Stained Glass Appraisal Guide. The purpose of the guide is to enable church and synagogue leaders to determine the replacement values of their stained glass windows. Reinarts Stained Glass Appraisal GuideThe guide was developed with the input of some thirty major American stained glass studio executives and was years in the making. The guide was developed as a resource for churches and synagogues at the request of the insurance companies. Other questions answered by this guide are how often should your stained glass windows be inspected? What is entailed in an inspection? What are the stages of restoration and how often are they performed? What should you look for when inspecting your stained glass windows? What types of glass are used in window coverings? Learn the values of windows and what makes one worth more than another. Learn the 12 variables that affect stained glass window values. And learn five elements of new stained glass windows.


The method to appraise your stained glass windows is straight-forward. Review the sample pictures of stained glass windows and choose the one closest in style to yours. Each of the window styles has as many as nine different estimated average price per square foot based on the input of 28 stained glass studios. Select the average price per foot for your area. Then using the recommended procedure for measuring square footage, calculate the value of each of your stained glass windows. In addition, you will find the chapter “How to Appraise Stained Glass” most helpful.


The 242-page appraisal guide, compiled by Gary M. Gray, Ed. D, Carrie Crow, and Reinarts Stained Glass Studios, contains over two hundred and eighty colored pictures of stained glass windows and churches.


The chapters of the guide are:


Chapter 1: Preserving an Important Asset


Chapter 2: Judging Between Mom and Rembrandt


Chapter 3: How to Appraise Stained Glass


Chapter 4: Comparing Apples and Oranges


Chapter 5: The Appraisal Research


Section 1: American Stained Glass over the Decades


Sample from Section 1 of the Apprasial Guide


Section 2: The Great Stained Glass Studios


Section 3: The Modern Stained Glass Studios


Section 4: Faceted Glass


Afterword: Stained Glass in the New Millennium


About the Artists


Directory: Stained glass Association of America Members Index

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You can expect to pay thousands of dollars plus expenses to have a professional stained glass appraisal. But why do that, when you can accomplish the same results with an expenditure of just $19.45 USD each plus Priority Mail shipping and handling? Domestic shipments via USPS Priority Mail are just $8.95 USD. And if you order 2 or more copies shipping is FREE! Foreign shipments, please call or email for rates. Just to peruse through this book and view the beautiful stained glass windows alone is well worth the expenditure. In addition, the guide makes an excellent coffee table book.


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